Beyond Good School District Concerns: Other Features Of An Ideal Kid-Friendly Apartment

25 January 2018
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If you have a young child and you are hunting for an apartment, your must-have features should be different from those you would focus on if you didn't have a child. Here are some of the features that will ensure your young one gets to enjoy their time in the apartment and do so safely:

The Children Should Get Entertained Without Leaving Home

An ideal apartment should have entertainment facilities to keep the kids busy so that they don't have to leave home to get entertained. The facilities can include things like DVD rentals, libraries, arcades, board games and swimming pools, among other things. Without such facilities, you risk having your kids sneak out of the apartment in search of entertainment elsewhere.

There Should be Parks or Playgrounds Nearby

If the apartment has limited space, like most apartments do, then it should be located near parks or playgrounds or other areas with adequate space their kids can play. Kids seem to have boundless energy, and they tend to be irritated and fussy if they are always locked in and unable to release this energy. Taking them out to play regularly is a good way of helping them release this energy and keeping them physically fit, but you can only do it if the parks and playgrounds are accessible.

The Apartment's Design and Construction Should be Safe for Kids

The actual building where you leave should be designed in such a way that kids can navigate the stairs, hallways, elevators, and rooms without endangering their lives. Here are some of the safety designs to look out for:

  • Railings on all balconies
  • Wide carpeted stairs or those with secure roll runners
  • Secure locks – for example, those that have child locks or are beyond the reach of your kids
  • Fenced yards
  • A secured and inaccessible pool

You Should Not Have to Do Offsite Laundry

If you already have a kid, then you already know just how often their clothes get dirty; sometimes, it almost seems like all they do is get their clothes dirty. Living with a kid, therefore, is difficult if you have to shuttle back and forth between your apartment and the nearest launder mart (that may not be exactly near) every time you want to wash some clothes. If there is no space where you can install a washing machine, then there should be an onsite laundry facility that you can use at any time.

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