Questions To Ask When Buying A Home In A Golf Community

21 November 2017
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Golf community homes are a relatively new implementation in the real estate industry, but they are quickly growing in popularity, and for obvious reasons. These communities offer upscale homes in a community atmosphere while also granting residents access to the amenities golf clubs are known for, such as open courses and private country clubs. If you are looking at buying a home inside of a golf community, however, you do need to make sure this is the best fit for your situation. Here is a look at some of the questions you should be asking if you are considering looking at homes for sale within a golf community. 

Is the golf community private or open to the public?

It is easy to assume that buying a home in a golf community would mean that you basically have a golf club for your own private enjoyment without outside traffic. However, not all golf communities reserve all of their offerings solely for those who own a house within the community. Some still operate as a normal golf club, which can be undesirable for some homeowners who want more privacy. Make sure when you are considering one of these homes, you ask whether the community and the amenities are reserved for homeowners or also available to outside members. 

What kind of annual fees will you be responsible for as a golf community homeowner?

In most cases, buying a home inside of a gold community will mean that the residents share some of the financial responsibility of maintaining the grounds. This means that you may be faced with annual fees for things like landscaping the golf course or maintaining the on-site facilities. For you personally, these annual fees may be worth the luxury that you are provided with, but not every homeowner will want the extra burden of fees beyond their mortgage payments and their own property upkeep costs. 

Does the golf community operate with an HOA?

Homeowner's associations are fairly common within gated communities, but they are not a guarantee in golf communities. HOAs can have their advantages, such as a reliable overseeing of community security and organized events available for residents. However, being under an HOA can also mean there are rules and guidelines you must adhere to, such as attending monthly meetings or facing property restrictions. It is best to find out well in advance if there is an HOA in the golf community.