Living By The Sea: Health Benefits For Your Mind And Body

9 December 2016
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When many people think of relaxation, they picture a sandy beach with the waves pounding against the shore. In fact, doctors used to prescribe a trip to the sea to clear one's head when a patient wasn't feeling well. Living by the sea has many benefits, and has a positive effect on your mind and body. When you live at the ocean, long walks on the beach while taking in the salty air is great for your respiratory system. The sunshine improves your mood, and the soothing sounds help you relax. 

The Beach Promotes an Active Lifestyle

With so much to do at the beach, people are more likely to have an active lifestyle that involves plenty of time spent outdoors. Walking or running along the edge of the surf is great exercise, as it's harder to walk in the sand than on grass or a concrete path. People who live at the beach and those that visit, like plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, and most beach communities provide them.

The Ocean Reduces Anxiety

Listening to the rhythmic sounds of the ocean as the waves hit the beach, watching as they roll in one after another is a sure way to reduce symptoms of anxiety. Sitting on the beach promotes creativity and positive thinking, all while bringing down your blood pressure and helping you regulate your breathing.

Salty Air Helps Your Respiratory System

If you use a Himalayan salt lamp to add negative ions to your home, then you understand the importance of breathing in salty air to your overall health. The negative ions from the salty air help reduce drowsiness by increasing the amount of oxygen flowing to your brain. You become more alert, and there are fewer germs in the air when you use such a lamp. The beach is a natural resource for breathing in negative ions and salty air.

Swimming in Salt Water Is Healing

The salty ocean water is full of magnesium, which helps relax your muscles. Swimming in the salty water can ease arthritis pain, inflammation, improve your circulation and boost your immune system. If that's not enough of a health benefit, swimming is also one of the best exercises you can do for your overall health.

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