Want To Minimize The Risk Of Injury For Your Kids? 3 Things To Look At When Buying A Home

19 October 2016
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When you are purchasing a home with an existing family, you will need to look into what they want and need to make sure that they are happy with the property you end up buying. If your kids are all at a very young age, you should not be afraid to make safety a top priority. It is best to not put them at risk of potential injury when you can avoid such things by just looking at different homes to buy.

Number of Stories

As safe as stairs have become in the past decades, there are still problems. A multi-story house presents a risk in itself for families with young children because of the fact that they require stairs. A home with a basement is a little different if you do not intend on using the basement as an extended living space. It should also not pose a problem when you plan on turning it into a vacation rental. But, a second story that contains the bedrooms for the house is the type of property you may want to avoid. Nearly 100,000 children are treated for stair-related injuries each year, and you can bypass this risk altogether.

Fireplace Type

The classic wood-burning fireplace is certainly appealing to some homeowners. But, it is an easy decision to prioritize your family's safety over having this particular type of fireplace. There are three other types that you can have in a home and not need to worry about your children getting injured. These include electric, ethanol, and gas, which gives you plenty of options for finding a home that has one of them. If you truly want a wood-burning fireplace, you can pick a home with one in the master bedroom.

Lead in Paint

Although it depends on the city you are buying a home in, you may find properties that have been built across three centuries, spanning from the 1800s all the way to present day. But, the one year that you should pay attention to for the protection of your children is 1978. This is the year when lead-based paint stopped being sold and used in homes, which put people in homes in danger, especially children. The best thing to do is to look at homes that have already been treated or have been built after 1978. It is still possible to buy a home that needs treating, but you should only do it if you are able to get it completely taken care of before you move into the home to avoid putting your kids at risk in any way.

Understanding these risks while buying a home will help you decide for your family with confidence. Talk to a real estate agent about finding a home that will suit your family's needs.