Important Facts for First-Time Home Sellers to Know Before Putting Their Homes on the Market

13 October 2016
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Learning more about the real-estate market before you put your home up for sale is a good idea. By doing so, you can avoid making mistakes that could cost you a great deal of money during the sale. Many first-time homeowners are bombarded with advice from other homeowners who have sold their homes. While some of the advice you may have already gotten will likely be helpful, knowing what is true and what isn't is extremely important. Check out these facts about selling your home.

Set the Right Price at the Start

If someone has told you to list your home's price higher than it's worth so you will have room for negotiating with a buyer, you should know that is a risky mistake. When potential buyers and real-estate agents look for property to buy, they are more than likely going to be looking for property that is priced low. Your home could be passed over because it is too pricey. When you do not get any hits, you will have to lower the price in order to sell the house. When buyers and agents see how much your price has dropped, they could assume something is wrong with property and that that is the reason no one bought at the higher price. Always set a fair price on your home from the start, and you will have better luck attracting potential buyers.

Avoid Spending Extra Cash on Unnecessary Renovations

Think about if you were out to buy a new house, and the one you wanted had just had kitchen renovations. You may hesitate to make any changes to that new kitchen because it is new, even if you don't exactly like the colors or the style. If you have considered renovating any room in your home before selling just because it would look new and nicer, think about the buyer that may want to renovate the rooms in a style he or she would prefer. As long as your home is clean and structurally sound, leaving it like it is will be best for making a sale.

Open Houses Aren't What They Are Cracked Up to Be

Open houses do not always attract buyers to your home. However, many real-estate agents may visit your open house and lure away the actual buyers there. Also, with listings online providing virtual tours and stunning images, the need for open-house showings have become a thing of the past. Showing your home to individual buyers by appointment is the best way to know whether the person you are talking to is truly interested in buying your home. Meeting with individual buyers gives you the opportunity to discuss details about the home that matter.

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