3 Features To Look For In A New Home

18 August 2016
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When looking for your next home, you may just be focusing on the location, square footage, and bedrooms. There are some other features you should put in your home searching criteria, since a little bit of luxury can really make your home feel special.

Extra Storage Space

When it comes to storage, the norm for homes used to be a closet in the bedroom and some additional cabinets inside the kitchen. The newer homes being built are taking into consideration the things people look for when it comes to storage. If a buyer needs to purge everything the own just to squeeze into the home, chances are that they will pass it up and look for something else.

Look for homes that have large walk-in closets, kitchen pantries, and cabinets that go up the ceiling. The houses you look at may be empty, but you will quickly realize just how full it will get if you don't have the necessary storage space.

Smart Home Features

Having a smart home is a modern luxury that is becoming more practical for the average homeowner. If the previous owner had these smart phone features in mind, it can make the home look really appealing as a potential buyer.

Look for smart features beyond the thermostat. Kitchen appliances, lights, garage doors, and even motorized blinds can all be connected to work in harmony with each other from your smart phone or voice controls. You won't realize how convenient these things can be until you live in a home with them.

Radiant Floor Heat

Many homes that you find will have a traditional air conditioner and furnace to cool and heat the home. While many homeowners are familiar with these two household appliances, you should look for a home that uses radiant floor heat. This type of heat is much more efficient and comfortable than a traditional forced air heating system.

Radiant floor heat works by pumping hot water through a series of tubes installed underneath the floor. Water retains its hot temperature for a very long time, and will cause the heat to radiate upward into the room above. It keeps your body warm instead of heating the empty space near the top of the room.

These are just a few nice features that you should be looking for in a home. If there are other features that you are looking for, let your real estate agent know. An agent like those at Sell 4 Free Real Estate Welsh Realty Corp can help you narrow down homes that fit your criteria.