Simple Online Marketing Rules Every Real Estate Agent Must Know

21 January 2016
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As a real estate agent, having the convenience of marketing online is an incredible advantage. You have access to a wider group of potential sellers and a lot of the marketing you do for the properties you have for sale can happen right from behind a computer screen. The catch is this: The only way online marketing in real estate will be the most effective is if you know what you are doing and use the right tools. Here are a few simple rules to keep in mind if you want to take online real estate marketing to the most efficient level possible.

Take advantage of online real estate apps in your marketing efforts.

There are actually mobile apps that people can add to their phones that are designed to help locate properties for sale. Make sure that your listings are integrated with these apps or fully available on web searches so the apps will pick up in your listings. There are actually real estate companies who work with a software developer to create an app that is specifically catered to their listings and market, which is an idea to consider of you want to make the most dramatic impact n how many people use an app to find your listings. 

Don't disregard email marketing for online real estate. 

Email marketing is often assumed to be too precise for the vast real estate market, but this is actually not true. Email marketing is the perfect way to reach out to target a specific group of potential buyers in a certain area. You may not have time to construct and deliver emails all day, but you can take advantage of email marketing services that handle this task on your behalf, making it easy to send out just the right message, to the right group of people, at the best time. 

Video ads can be much more effective than text. 

The average internet user is in a hurry to be fed the information they are seeking. If they don;t find a way to get straight to the point quickly, they will likely move onto something else. This is why video marketing can be such an effective tool as a real estate agent. Not only can you offer up video listings for your properties that act as a virtual walkthrough and description, you can also work with a production team to create marketing commercials that work well in email ads and other platforms.